How Courses Work

How it works

One of the many benefits of the Culinary Arts Career Pathway is the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit through our articulated and dual enrollment courses*. These courses provide a starting point for students that are new or curious about careers in the culinary field.

All students start their Culinary Arts Career Pathway by taking a year-long introductory articulated Culinary Arts course. Once completed, students are encouraged to complete the pathway by taking year long Baking and Pastry course in year two. All students that complete the pathways will receive a industry standard Food Handlers Card necessary in order to work in this industry.

Year 1

Culinary Arts

CTE Culinary Arts is designed to be an intensive cooking and culinary industry career exploration class. This one year course, is both a challenging and rewarding topic, and it will require a strong commitment of personal energy for you to be successful.

Year 2

Baking and Pastry

CTE Baking and Pastry Class is the 2nd course in the Culinary Pathway that introduces principles and practical techniques of yeast doughs, puff pastry, cookies, tarts, cakes, frozen desserts, plate presentation, and cake decorating.

*To receive three community college units, participants are required to attend the full 1-year program. Students are required to complete the course with a grade of “B” or higher and upon recommendation of the instructor.